Friday, May 22, 2015

Summer Plans

The school year is coming to a close, and the summer is fast approaching.  I feel like the Spring season is moving along so quickly.  But the last few months have been so hectic and busy, that I am excited for Summer to arrive.  

Many people make plans for the summer, but I usually do not.  I still can't say that I have any plans for this summer, but there are a few things that I know that I want to do.  Hopefully, I can't get them all done.

  • I will still be tutoring for the summer.  Yes, that's what I do.  Some students may need assistance to still pass state assessments.  While many others are wanting to be prepared and ahead of the game for next school year.
  • I also plan to register the name of my tutoring business with the city.  Once I have the name registered and official, I will get my website up and running.  The last two years of tutoring have been great, but it has also been a learning experience.  So, I realized that I needed to make some adjustments.  There will be a few changes in my tutoring business for next year.  These changes will help my business to run more smoothly and be more structured.  
  • My WordPress blog will be finalized and go live soon.  (As soon as WordPress support responds to me about some things.)  I am excited about the transfer from Blogger to WordPress, but still feeling a little apprehensive.  I know that this will mean growth, but I will have much to learn during this transfer.
  • I'm finally going to learn how to swim!  Yes, I never, ever learned.  The goal was to do this last summer, but it didn't happen.  But I have confirmed with my friend that he will teach me this summer.  The last thing I ever want is to drown or to be around someone else who is drowning and be unable to assist.  Watch out, you may soon be calling me "Flipper".  Lol.
  • And although my allergies beat me up on the regular, I want to spend as much time as possible outdoors for the summer.  Walking, biking, visiting the park, and much more.  I love the summertime.  I love the sun.  I'll be sure to take my meds so that my allergies play nice.
  • I want to spend as much time as I can with my godson as well.  Preparing him for reading and math for next school year.  And I want to expose him to new things and places for the summer to expand his culture experience.  I want him to have a great summer, too!
Hopefully, I'll be able to get all these things done, and more!  

What are your plans for summer?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Create Dramatic Day to Night with $10 Lights {Guest Post}

This wonderful post is another provided by Sue Mertl.  She shows  you how to get great night lighting for the right price.  Be sure to pin this DIY post, because you'll definitely want to try it for yourself.  Be sure to visit Sue's blog for more interesting DIY projects.  

Over the last 30 days, I've been part of a challenge group tasked with redoing a complete room (in their own houses) within the month of April.
All I can say is that it has been amazing.
If you haven't been following, a few other projects that have helped my
Eat-In Kitchen #30DayFlip
get its new look are already posted.

Custom draperies were made from ready-made panels. Here An old TV cabinet was halved, refinished, and installed as a kitchen cabinet. Here The bay window walls received a no-miter, no-nail board and batten. Here Oh, yea. It's been a busy month. :-) And, this is the last post before the full reveal. *Bittersweet*

Just in case you haven't seen the ugly before.... ..It all started here, in this cramped little nook just off to the side of the kitchen. I don't think there was one single square inch of space that wasn't long overdue for a redo.'s all brand spanking new....right down to the weather-stripping on the windows. :-) Oh, yes. I'm completely stoked about that! *Energy Savings* And, all of the work...totally completed by Yours Truly. *Taking a Bow* And....30 days later....the room to the left now looks like this .....

I know!! Right? Honestly, I come down the stairs in the morning and think I'm in the wrong house. But wait.......there's more....... In the evening, when daytime turns into night. Yowza!

It makes me glad that I was working on a budget....otherwise I might have missed this fun little lighting updo. And...ohhhh. Wouldn't that have been a cryin' shame? And, here's how it works: First, almost all traditional lighting options were abandoned. No dimmer switch, no sconces, no overhead chandelier. Only a canned light was left in the overhead ceiling. I did this for two reasons: (1) Budget - Buying light fixtures and having them installed is a total budget buster. And, (2) This area needed to be opened up and made to look bigger and brighter. Having light fixtures would have stolen the overhead visual space. Huuuum. I couldn't have that, now could I?

IMG_2432Then, to give the impression of traditional lighting, I installed these reclaimed fixtures on both sides of the bay. They were leftovers from an outdoors redo and had been collecting dust in the garage for many, many years. The fact that they were the perfect size and color just rocked! So, I scrubbed off all of the dirt, taped the wires into the fixture, and screwed the fixture into the wall......just like it was a picture or any other accessory. If I ever want these little beauties hardwired, all I have to do is call an electrician to come on over and git'er done. Easy peasy.


To create visual interest in the evening, I bought a $10 package of battery-operated LED lights (here). Each package contains three lights. They are small, lightweight, and give off a boatload of light. Simply install the batteries and push the center to activate the light. For the eat-in area, two lights were placed on the right and left window sills at midlevel. These were pointing up. Then, one light was attached under the table.....pointing down.

Honestly, I've had these lights all over the area......under the chairs, inside the glass vase, on the floor, on the ceiling pointing down.....and with every change, the room looks totally different. I am really looking forward to the next dinner party. I may put the food on risers and pop some of these lights underneath. And....don't get me started on the holidays. Yea.....they are just that much fun. Well, now that I've spilled my big little lighting secret, it's time to get this post up and prepare the post for the full-room reveal. Hope you have enjoyed reading about these adventures as much as I did walking you through them. As always, thanks so much for stopping is a joy to have you here. 


Until next time,
Happy decorating,
Sharing with: AKA Design , PennyLoveProjects

 Hello, I’m Susie from over at The Chelsea Project Blog.  It’s a joy to share a post with you today.  Many thanks to you and to my gracious host, Tameka, for making this possible.  I am an avid home improvement guru that likes to strip out entire rooms and complete every square inch of the new finish.  This includes thrifting and remaking all of the furniture and accessories.  I want to create rooms that are artistic and unique, not just the status quo.   

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Who's Wearing What Wednesdays #29

Welcome to Week 29 of the Who's Wearing What Wednesdays linky party!!  If you're new to the party, welcome.  If not, welcome back!!   Our party is really growing fast.  Be sure to share this party with others, so that we can watch it grow even more!

I am seeing red!

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Pattern mixing has become a very popular fashion style.  And Vale does it well with this ensemble.  She pairs a very pretty and feminine printed top with a polka dot skirt.  It all works together because she stayed within the same color palette.  She finishes her look with a black purse and heels.  See more of Vale's style on her blog, Fashion and Cookies.  

Our most viewed look from last week's link up is...
Lisa from Beauty101byLisa
She is looking red hot in this dress!!  Love the addition of the belt.
Congrats on being featured.
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Now it's your time to share your style post for the week!!

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*****Fashion bloggers wanted*****
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Feel The Music #54

I miss the days when music was this good.  When artists were this great.  When you loved to listen to an extended mix of a song. This song was one of those feel good songs.  It made you want to get up and dance.  It could easily lift your spirits.  

And this group had it all.  Great music.  Great vocals.  Great style.  I would have loved to see a live performance by them.  Take a trip back in time and groove to "Dream on Dreamer" by  The Brand New Heavies.    


Monday, May 18, 2015

Math Tip of the Day: Surface Area Part 2

Last week's math tip was on surface area.  We looked at the two different types of surface area:  lateral and total.  We also provided tips on calculating surface area correctly.  Remember that the formula for total surface area also includes the formula for the lateral surface area.  This makes it easier to calculate.

Last week's post focused on prisms and cylinders.  Today we will look at calculating surface area for cones and pyramids.  Both cones and pyramids have a slant height.  The slant height is represented with the variable l.  Please do not confuse this with length for cones and pyramids.  Slant height is different from the height of these shapes.  The height extends from the vertex to the base, whereas the slant height is just that, the slanted height of the shape (see examples below).  Sometimes the slant height is not given, but can be found by using the Pythagorean Theorem or Trigonometry.  

Let's look at some examples:

The base of a cone is always the shape of a circle.

The base of a pyramid can be one of several shapes.  Rectangle, square, triangle or a polygon such as a hexagon.  Do not forget to take 1/2 when calculating, since it is part of the formula.

**Remember P = Perimeter of the base and B = area of the base.  l = slant height, not length.

What challenges do you face when calculating surface area?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Dream Home Possibilities

I'm not big on fancy and expensive things.  I'm just not.  But I do like nice things that are inexpensive.  But if I had the money to make my dream home, I would splurge a little.  For sure.

I would want the front of my house to look really nice.  A level front yard (for some reason I can't stand when yards have a slope), beautiful green grass, nice landscaping with great curb appeal.  And don't forget the front porch.  I've always wanted a home with a  covered front porch.  To just sit outside and enjoy nature (when mosquitoes are out of season, of course).

I don't need a very spacious home, just one with enough space.  I like clean lines, so a living room similar to this one would be nice.  I even like the idea of a sunken living room.  But I would need the furniture to be darker, no whites or creams.  

I'm not one to cook, so an elaborate kitchen is not needed.  But I love the idea of this circular kitchen.  It's just so different.  And it's not too big with just the right look and feel.  I would like to brighten it up some.

I have accumulated a lot of things over the years.  Some things I need to just throw out.  But storage becomes a big deal for me in a home.  I like the idea of utilizing space in the home for storage.  This below-the-stairs storage is a genius idea.  You can store away all of your items and keep them hidden without taking up other space in the home.

For my bedroom, something similar to this is perfect.  I want a low profile bed, but I would like storage drawers underneath, and a headboard with storage and shelving for picture sand books.  This alleviates so many pieces of furniture in the room.  And for more storage, this two-story closet.  Heaven!!!  It will definitely hold all my shoes and clothing.  And future shoes and clothing.  I think I would just pitch a cot and sleep in there.

For my bathroom, it must be spacious.  No one likes a tiny bathroom.  I mainly takes showers, but would love this tub to just relax and take bubble baths every now and then.  This is such a beautiful tub.

And finally, I would like a nice size backyard.  Not too large, who's going to mow that lawn?  I've always wanted a backyard that I can enjoy.  One free of stray cats, and ant invasions.  Nice level, fluffy green grass.  Hey, I might just want to roll around in it like a kid.  This would be just as nice as the front porch.

I will be working towards getting most of my dream into reality for my bedroom.  The other rooms will have to wait for a while.  I may never end up with a dream home, but a girl can dream, right?!

So what does your dream home look like?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

We're Moving...

I have pondered.  I have debated.  I have done lots of research.  I have weighed out the pros and the cons.  But I have finally decided to make the move from Blogger to WordPress. Yes, I'm really going to do it.

Moving is never easy.  There is the anticipation of being somewhere new, and the sadness of leaving something behind.  I have been on Blogger from the start of my blog 1 1/2 years ago. Blogger has been good to me, but I think it's time for the change.  So please excuse any glitches that may occur in the coming days.  Sometimes things can go wrong during a move.

The last week I have been losing my mind about this move.  I've been Bing bonkers, YouTube video frenzied, Forum focused, Godaddy gaga and just plain WordPress wacky!!  Feels like I'm back in my Calculus 3 class.  Aargghh. 

Moving to WordPress feels like I'm moving to a foreign country where I don't know the native language.  Do they have a Rosetta Stone for WordPress?  Lol.  Some of you fellow bloggers already live there.  And I'm sure I'll learn a lot more about it from you all.

courtesy of Microsoft Clipart search
My WordPress blog is pretty much set up and ready to go, but there are a few things I want to complete before redirecting my Blogger blog.  Once I have all these things in place, I'll redirect you all over, so that you don't have to miss out on a single thing. 
  • Syncing permalinks
  • Ensuring everything is right with Google Analytics
  • Updating my blog URL on all social media sites and affiliate networks
  • Decent blog design for now (until I decide on a complete design for an update)
  • Getting my Disqus comments (your wonderful comments) to show on the posts (this is a biggie and it's driving me crazy!)
One of the reasons I hadn't moved to WordPress yet was because of the cost to have someone do the transfer.  But during my YouTube video frenzy, I came across a tutorial that was very detailed and helped me to make the transfer myself!  Can you believe that?!  I actually did it myself!  So shout out to Greg for the awesome video.  If you're thinking of transferring over to WordPress, give his video a try.  And I also want to thank Tanya at Blogelina.  I won registration to a free blogging class and 1 year hosting (with custom domain name) with Godaddy.  Blogelina has soooo much blogging advice and tips, and they offer some wonderful services as well.

Well, this is a bittersweet time for me, but I am still excited.  I am happy that I can take you with me on this move!  Thanks for being such great readers.  And wish me well during the rest of this relocation.

What was the hardest thing about relocating for you?

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