Monday, July 28, 2014

Co-hosting The Ultimate Linky's Pinterest Party Week 30

This is our last Pinterest Party for the month!!   Much thanks to Tammy for the opportunity.   I've enjoyed co-hosting, and I can't wait to see what pins are shared this week! 

Welcome to the The Ultimate Linky's Pinterest Party!

This is the last week I will be the co-host of the Pinterest Linky Party. You can continue to link up every week at The Ultimate Linky ! Thanks for coming and linking up with me this month!

There are two linkies in this party! You can do just one or both linkies if you wish. On the first linky, you will link up your pinterest URL for your Pinterest account so that you can be followed. On the second linky, link up the URL of a pin you would like to be repinned.

Please follow me and Tammy from The Ultimate Linky on Pinterest, add the button to your sidebar or party page, and then link up and follow the directions for who to follow/repin! If you are the last three to link up, your links will be manually added to the beginning of next week's link-up so that you get your follows. If you decide to follow more links and let them know that you followed them, that would be great as well.
Here is the button that you can add to your sidebar or party page.  We also appreciate any shares that you could give about this party!  Thank you for your help in spreading the word!  If you on Blogger and can't get it to work, you can add a text link back to The Ultimate Linky ( or right click the picture, copy it, and add it to your blog with a link.  Thank you!

  • Add your Pinterest Page URL below to get more followers: (Click on view/add link)

  You can also link up one family-friendly pin that you would like to have re-pinned.   This is the same concept as above except you only have to pin the two links above yours. 
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Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Need some cash??!!

amazon giftcard giveaway

This summer, I have been able to be a co-host for this party that is hosted by The Ultimate Linky. All of the co-hosts of The Ultimate Linky's daily social media parties have gone together to offer you this giveaway for a $20 Amazon Gift card! This giveaway is open worldwide!

Pastries, Pumps and Pi is not responsible for the fulfillment of this prize.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Guest Post at A Peek Into My Paradise

Wanna see how I recreated one of my favorite ice cream treats?  Stop by A Peek Into My Paradise to see the final results!!  And while you're there, show Cathy some love by checking out some more awesome posts!!

Solve It #3

Brandon's birthday is in a few days, and he is very excited.  He will be even more excited when he finds out that his parents have purchased the new fish tank that he wanted.  He'll be able to have even more fish for pets.

His parents have to wrap his gift.  The fish tank is a nice size, and they're trying to determine how much wrapping paper they'll need.  The tank is 24 inches long, 13 inches wide and 16 inches in height.  One roll of wrapping paper is 30 inches  wide by 5 feet longWill one roll of wrapping paper be enough to wrap the gift?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Venus Wish List #2

This post was originally written as a guest post a few months back.  I thought I would share it with you today.

Like most women, I love clothes and shoes.  I enjoy shopping for new items, but prefer to shop online.  I receive several catalogs in the mail, and there are some that appeal to me.  When I'm interested in the offerings of a catalog, I am inclined to go to their website and shop.

I am trying not to spend frivolously at this time, so I've come up with another wish list.  This wish list is for Venus.  I have ordered from their website several times before and have been pleased with the clothing I purchased.  I did a blog post before with my first Venus wish list.  You can view that list here

So here's my new one:

1. This dress is adorable for many reasons.  It is feminine, has a classic A-line shape and comes with eyelet detail and that fabulous belt.  It is perfect for spring and summer.

2. I love the black, white and gray color blocking on this next dress.  And the bodice features a keyhole detail.  And the fact that it is a maxi is a plus.  Sorry, ladies, the belt is not included with this one.

3. I am a fan of ruching, when it's done right.  And with this dress, they got it right!  It is a nice shade of gray and you can accessorize it with many different colors.  It's form fitting without being tasteless.  It just might be my fave on this wish list.

4. This tunic has a nautical feel to it. I've always wanted a top similar to this.  The contrast of the white and navy is even continued on the sleeves.  Nice!  The tunic is ready to go to the beach.  But you guys won't catch me there.  I can't swim, so I stay away from large bodies of water.

5. And this last dress, yes, another dress, is amazing!  It is a pointelle knit maxi dress with black and white striping.  I don't really like wearing my shoulders so bare all the time, so I would probably pair this with a cropped cardigan.  But all in all, this dress is a stunner!

Wanting any of these looks on your wish list?  Which one do you like the most?
Hopefully, these items won't remain on the wish list for long, but instead make themselves at home in my closet.  All items can be purchased at Venus.Com.  Happy online shopping!!

**photos courtesy of

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Who's Wearing What Wednesdays

My friend Chevon wore this cheerful outfit for church this past Sabbath.  Immediately, when I saw her, I knew I had to showcase her on the blog.  So, I convinced her to say yes!

The first thing that I loved about this look was the colors.  The salmon colored cardigan and the blue heels complement each other well against the black and white of the blouse and skirt.  And what I loved most is that her cute hair scarf  pulled all the colors together.  Chevon proves that you can take bold colors to dress up classic ones.  Doesn't she look great?!  

Do you have a favorite accessory that pulls your look together?
What are you wearing today?  Leave a picture or link to a picture in the comments section below.  Your look could be FEATURED tomorrow here on this blog!!  Find more information here.

**photos courtesy of Chevon

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wonderful Waffle Breakfast

Breakfast is a very important meal of the day, and my favorite.  That's unless dessert can be classified as a meal.  My younger brother was raving about a waffle he'd had at a restaurant, so I had to go and try it.  Because if I like something, then it must be good!

 So my brothers, a friend and I headed to the Guenther House for breakfast.  We were pleased that there wasn't a wait.  We chose to have breakfast out on the patio, and were seated immediately.  Although the weather was a little overcast, it was nice and cool out.

Looking at the menu, I found myself interested in the hot chocolate selections.  There was a Pecan Hot Chocolate that I just had to try.  And let me say, it was delicious!!  Chocolaty, creamy with a nice nutty undertone.  The fresh whipped cream and fresh pecans were a plus.

For my meal, I ordered the infamous Sweet Cream Waffle, soft scrambled egg and seasoned potatoes.  The egg was not as soft as I would have liked, but still ok.  The potatoes were so flavorful, perfectly seasoned.  And I was surprised at how much was served.

But the star of the show, the waffle, was AMAZING!!  No exaggeration.  The first bite, and I was in waffle heaven.  It was a huge waffle, the fluffiest I've ever had.  And the taste was indescribable.  The sweet cream adds a whole new dimension to it.  I could eat that waffle daily.  My older brother actually ate two!

In addition to the great food, the service was nice also.  I can't wait to visit again, hopefully within the next couple days.  That breakfast is now on my top ten list.  San Antonio may not have a Waffle House, but we do have the Guenther House.  If you visit the area, be sure to have yourself a waffle. 

Where is your favorite place to enjoy a waffle?
**most photos courtesy of Kris Brown

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