Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Feel The Music #47

Spring is here!!  So, are the allergies, unfortunately.  But I'm loving these beautiful sunny days.  Spring brings also means that Easter is coming.   Easter, or Resurrection Day as some call it, is the celebration of Jesus' resurrection from the grave.   

I love this song because it is a powerful song about Jesus' death and resurrection.  The lyrics are moving.  And the vocalist has an amazing voice.  I just shout when I listen to this song, thinking about how my Lord and Savior died for me and will come again to receive me. Hallelujah.  Enjoy your Easter weekend with this week's song, "Rise Again" by Janna Long.  


Monday, March 30, 2015

Cooking with Fractions {Free Printable}

Is your child struggling with learning fractions?  Many students do.  Sometimes, fractions are kryptonite for students.  They just don't like them.  But I've found that the more practice they have with fractions, the easier the concept is for them to understand.

During the first year that I taught, my students struggled with fractions.  This made it difficult to teach other Algebra concepts to them.  So I decided to do an activity to improve their understanding of fractions.

I did a Cooking with Fractions day.  I had all the students bring in a recipe.  And I created 'grocery bags' with special ingredients.  Each brown bag contained two food items with a fractional amount.  I printed these on cardstock and made several copies. 

the cards I used before
The students used the two ingredients to compare fraction value, find common denominator and add and subtract the fractions.  Then they used fractions from their recipes to repeat the activity.

the cards I used before
The students enjoyed the activity.  They had lots of fun and got a better understanding of fractions.  They really loved the fact that I was dressed in an apron with my wooden spoon in tow.  And I kept a lot of their recipes.  Very good ones, if I must say so.

I do not have the exact activity sheet and cards that I used then.  But I did reproduce them as best as I could for your use.  Print the activity cards on cardstock.  Print several copies so that you can place different combinations in the 'grocery bag'.  The activity worksheet can be printed on regular copy paper.  {Get your copy of the printable here}

Have your child or student use the grocery ingredients and then use the fractions from your favorite recipe.  This activity is great to do when the children are helping you in the kitchen.  Have fun cooking with fractions!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Mariah!!

I have ALWAYS been a fan of Mariah Carey.  I remember the first time I saw her "Vision of Love" music video.  I said "Who is that?"  I was blown away by her voice.  And I've loved her ever since.  Yes, there has been a lot of unkind words spoken of her over the years.  But one thing that is undeniable is that she is one of the greatest female vocalists of all time.

People don't do what she does anymore.  They don't sang!  That's right, I said "sang."  A lot of artists today don't have strong vocal capability.  They have the look and they're marketable.  Great vocals aren't necessarily selling music anymore.

But I like to go into my Mariah inventory and listen to a true singing voice.  My favorite album of hers, and she's had many, will always be "Music Box".  That album was my album. I say that because nearly every song felt like it was written especially for me.  That is something that I love about Mariah.  She writes most of her music; songs that people can relate to.

I've had the pleasure of seeing her in concert twice.  It is a great experience.  She even allowed her fans to pick the song selections for one of her concert tours.  She used small venues, so that the concert would have an intimate feel.  It was lovely.

In honor of Mariah's birthday today, I want to share a song from my favorite Mariah album. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  And if you've never been a fan, maybe that will change. 

Happy Birthday Mariah!!

**photos courtesy of mariahcarey.com

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Italian Cream Cake

For weeks, my older brother had been telling me that he had ordered something special for me.  And I had better be grateful once I receive it.  I wasn't absolutely certain what it was, but I had a good idea that it was a pastry.  After all, everyone knows how I adore pastries.

Well, he brought my special gift to me, and as I suspected it was a pastry.  A beautiful cake!  And there was coconut on it, so I was immediately pleased.  He wasn't sure exactly if it was a coconut cake; he knew to tell the baker that I love coconut.  But once I cut into, I realized it was an Italian Cream Cake.  Yes!!

I have had good Italian Cream Cake before.  But most of the time it's a little heavy.  This one was light and moist!  With the coconut and pecans, it was just perfect!!  I tried to only do a tasting of it since I was full from eating dinner.  But that little taste caused me to eat an entire slice.  The frosting was even nice and light.  And I don't even care for frosting!!

I could have devoured the cake all by myself, but I did share it.  I gave some to my brothers and my parents.  But I think I'll eat the rest of it myself.  Don't be deceived by the pictures.  It's not a big cake, more like a mini one.  So, I won't feel like such a pig eating it.  

courtesy of Travis Bligen

courtesy of Travis Bligen
The baker is Travis Bligen, a coworker of my brother.  He has his own baking business, Janie Mae's Cakes.  I must commend him of the great cake that he made for me.  I can't wait to taste more of his creations.  If you're in the San Antonio Area, be sure to check him out.  You can also reach him on Instagram (#JanieMaesCakes).

Do you enjoy Italian Cream Cake?

**photos courtesy of Kris Brown

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Who's Wearing What Wednesdays #21

Welcome to Week 21 of the Who's Wearing What Wednesdays linky party!!  If you're new to the party, welcome.  If not, welcome back!!   Our party is really growing fast.  Be sure to share this party with others, so that we can watch it grow even more!

This party just keeps on growing!  Thank you all for linking up!

The color of this dress is fabulous.  And it has pockets!  I love the fit and flare styling of the dress also.  It is always flattering.  Nathalie lets the dress be the star by wearing neutral pumps.  Her handbag helps bring out the colors in her necklace.   This outfit is perfect for spring.  Check out more from Nathalie on her blog, Earnestyle

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I like the simplicity of this printed shirt dress.  Very cute. 
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Feel The Music #46

I heard this song on the radio a few weeks ago, and it took me back.  This soft rock song tells the story of longing and wanting to be around someone, but they are no longer there.  You miss their presence, but try to deny it to yourself.

I'm not sure if there were any other hits for this artist, but this song was definitely one.  He re-recorded the song with Alison Krauss in 2007.    This week's song is  "Missing You" by John Waite.  


Monday, March 23, 2015

Math Tip Of The Day: Parabola Transformations

When learning about different functions in Algebra, you will be taught how those functions transform based on the parent function.  Linear, exponential and many other functions have transformations.  This means that the graph will change in shape or size and position on the graph.

The graph of quadratic functions is called a parabola.  And parabolas can transform in several ways.  Some students get confused as to what causes each type of transformation.  They tend to use a graphing calculator to compare the graphs.  But the changes can be detected from the equations alone.  Here are some tips to make it easy.

source:  Microsoft Clip Art
Consider that the standard equation for quadratics is y = ax2 + bx + c.
  • If the equation has a negative, such as y = -ax2 + bx + c, then the negative causes a reflection.  The reflection is just that, a mirror image, over the x-axis.  The only effect of the negative is the reflection.  It does not cause the graph to be wider or more narrow.  A positive equation has a parabola that opens up.  A negative equation has a parabola that opens down.  Consider that a positive person smiles, and a negative person frowns (see diagram below).
  • 'a' causes the graph to be more narrow or wide.  As the value of a increases, the graph becomes more narrow.  As the value of a decreases, the graph becomes wider.  Once again, the negative has no effect on the width of the graph.  So when considering the width, do not concern yourself with whether or not the equation is negative.  For example, a graph with a=2 is more narrow than a graph with a=1/3.
  • 'c' causes the graph to translate up or down along the y-axis.  If the equation has + c, then the graph will shift up.  If the equation has - c, then the graph will shift down.  Consider that the carousel horse goes up and down.   

You get it?!  Try stating how the graph of y = -2x2 + 4  changes compared to the parent function of y = x2
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