Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Feel The Music #24

I have been hearing this song on the radio for some weeks now.  Both the music and the chorus are very catchy.  It makes you want to get up and dance.  Which is scary, since I don't dance as well as I used to when I was younger.

My favorite part of the song, by Nico & Vinz, is "oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah".  I listened to their album as well, and really enjoyed most of the music.  The song for the week is "Am I Wrong".  


Monday, October 20, 2014

One Year Blogiversary Giveaway

I cannot believe it's been a year already!!  I've been blogging for a year, but it seems like much longer.  I had no idea the experience it would be to start a blog.  The long nights writing blog posts, the learning curves, the design headaches and the social media frenzy were all worth the wonderful bloggers and readers that I have connected with.  

I feel like a have a voice.  And people are actually listening!  I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and my favorite things with my readers this year.  What I'm most proud of is that I've stayed true to myself.  I look forward to learning even more about blogging, and providing even more engaging content to my readers.  Thanks to everyone who has helped to make this year a success.  

So let's celebrate with a giveaway!!

And be sure to visit each of these wonderful bloggers who joined in to celebrate with me.  Stop by their blogs and say hi!

   Christine                           April                              Letty                                Holly

Enter below to win some of my favorite things:
  • Panera Bread Gift Card (for some pastries)
  • ShoeDazzle Gift Certificate (for some pumps)
  • Free Skype Math Tutoring Session (we can discuss pi)

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**Giveaway open to U.S. residents only.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Three Musketeers Popcorn Treat

When I was in elementary school, we loved movie day.  The day when they would wheel in the television cart and play a movie.  We really didn't care what movie it was as long as we didn't have to do work.

On one particular movie day, my teacher brought in a treat for all the students.  She laid out napkins on each of our desks and gave us popcorn.  Then she passed out a 3 Musketeers candy bar to each student.  She told us that the two tasted great together. 

I thought the woman was crazy!  But I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it.  She told us to place some popcorn in our mouths, and then take a bite of the candy bar.  It was amazingly delicious!  Before that day, I had never been a fan of 3 Musketeers candy bars.  Even today, I still feel that they are overly sweet.  But the saltiness of the popcorn balanced out the sweetness.

And I have been eating this little popcorn treat ever since.  As a matter of fact, it is the only way that I can eat a 3 Musketeers candy bar.  I once tried melting the bar and mixing in the popcorn, but it just wasn't the same.  So I eat it as my teacher taught us:  mouthful of popcorn, followed by a bite of the candy.

So the next time you're watching a movie, grab some popcorn.  And also grab a 3 Musketeers candy bar.  You might just like this different and simple popcorn treat.

What is your favorite food to eat with popcorn?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Math Tip of the Day: Decimals on Number Line

When identifying decimals on a number line, the most important thing to do is first determine the scale of the number line.  What is the scale?  The scale is the value for each marking between the whole numbers.  Sounds confusing?  It can be.  Here is a chart that can be used for assistance. 

Once you have determined the scale, then you can plot the coordinates of different decimal values on the number line.  If the decimal value is one of the marks (Ex. 0.4 on a number line scaled by 0.2), then plot the point on that mark.  If the decimal value is between one of the marks (Ex. 0.25 on a number line scaled by 0.1), then you will plot the decimal between two markings.  

Using a number line can be  difficult at times.  But you do not have to get frustrated.  Remember, it's all about the scale!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Who's Wearing What Wednesdays

Warm Tones in Cool Weather

The featured outfit for this week is all about fall.  This look can easily transition from the office to a dinner date.  The navy backdrop of the paisley printed dress looks great with the warm tones of the accessories.  Scarfs and boots are all the craze for fall, and winter alike.  And they complement the natural tone of the blazer and the fun colored tights.  

One thing that I really like about this look is that the pieces are very versatile.  The blazer can be worn with a silk cami and pencil skirt.  The dress can be paired with a jean jacket.  And the boots can be worn with a sweater and skinny jeans.  If you like this outfit, there are some other great finds at Already Pretty.  

What are you wearing today?  Leave a picture or link to a picture in the comments section below.  Your look could be FEATURED tomorrow here on this blog!!  Find more information here.

What are you looking forward to wearing this fall?

**photo courtesy of alreadypretty.com

*****Fashion bloggers wanted*****
Planning to turn this weekly feature into a linky party
Please send an email if you'd be interested in hosting with me

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Feel The Music #23

I love listening to old school music:  70's, 80's, 90's.  And the singer of this week's song was very popular in the 80's and 90's.  Every girl had a crush on him.  I am speaking of none other than the sexy George Michael.

This week's song is one of his uptempo numbers.  I always loved the guitar in this song.  And this was always one of my favorites by him.   The song for the week is "Faith".  


Blogiversary Giveaway Opportunity---Few Days Left To Sign Up!!

My Blogivesary is nearing on October 20th!!!!

And I want to do my FIRST giveaway in appreciation to all my readers.  I am looking for bloggers to CELEBRATE with me and make this giveaway a success!!

The Giveaway will run from 12am cst October 20th to 12am cst December 15th.  

The Prize Package includes my favorite things:
  1. A $25 Gift Card to Panera Bread to enjoy some pastries
  2. A $25 Gift Certificate for ShoeDazzle to purchase some pumps
  3. A free one hour Math tutoring session via Skype where you can have some pi
**Open to U.S. only

Because this is my first giveaway, I am not charging for links.  I am only requesting that you please post the giveaway to your blog and mention it on social media (Twitter or Facebook).  That's all!!

If you are interested in celebrating with me, please use the link below and complete the form.  

Thanks bunches!!

**Deadline to sign up:  Thursday, October 16th

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