Friday, March 6, 2015

I Dread the Dentist

Dentists have a very tough job.  I mean, they have to look into people's dirty mouths and clean their plaque laden teeth.   They have to floss and get all the junk that's hiding in a person's mouth.  And they help to ensure that teeth are perfectly aligned and healthy.  I personally would not like that job.

But I also do not like going to the dentist.  Don't get me wrong.  I appreciate all that a dentist does, but I've just had too many horrible dental experiences.  So, I avoid the dentist at all costs.  I try to keep my mouth healthy to limit the number of visits that I make to a dentist's office.

The last horrific experience I had still haunts me.  My mother referred me to one dentist.  I went in for a regular routine cleaning.  The teeth cleansing, removal of plaque and scraping of tartar.  The procedure seemed to go as expected.  Of course, there was some pricking and bleeding.  There seems to always be that.  And I left feeling pretty pleased with the visit.

But a few months later, I realized that the dental cleaning had caused an infection in one of my teeth.   Needless to say, I returned to the dental office to inform them of the issue.  I was told that the dentist was no longer practicing and there wasn't much done to help me with my situation.

So my mother referred me to another dentist (scared to take any more referrals from mom).  He explained that I would need the dreaded root canal for the infected tooth.  I didn't know much about what a root canal was, or what the procedure entailed.  But I had only heard bad things about root canals.  I was very hesitant to have the procedure and asked about alternatives.  

The dentist stated that I could have the tooth removed, but he didn't recommend that because it could realign my teeth.  The tooth was in the very back of my mouth and I didn't see how removing it would be such an issue.  Plus, it would be much cheaper to remove the tooth than have the root canal.  Hundreds of dollars cheaper!  But the dentist convinced me that the root canal would fix all the problems I was having.

So the day finally came for me to have the root canal.  There I was sitting in the chair with my mouth forced wide open.  The sound of the drills made me feel like I was in a "Saw" movie.  The dentist couldn't get all the roots removed so I had to return another day.  The next visit things were insane.  The dentist started to try and remove the rest of the roots, but the crazy thing was I could feel pain.  I knew that I had already been given a shot to numb things, so I thought it was strange that I was still feeling pain. 

source:  Microsoft clip art
When the pain continued, I expressed to the dentist that I was hurting.  He said that wasn't possible because he had numbed me.  The pain became excruciating and I began to cry and plead with him to stop.  But he wouldn't.  After he got irritated with my crying, he did finally stop.  He left the room and one of the assistants asked if I was okay and if I could really feel the pain.  I expressed to her that I would not be sitting there crying like a baby when I'm a grown woman if the pain wasn't so unbearable.

Because the dentist couldn't deal with me anymore (really?!!), he sent me to a oral surgeon to complete the root canal.  When I arrived at the surgeon's office, my eyes were completely red from crying.  He placed me in a room with a warm blanket, turned the lights out and gave me a few minutes to calm myself.

When the surgeon examined my mouth, he realized that my tooth had an abscess.  He stated that the other dentist should have known that I would never go numb with the abscess, and that he shouldn't have tried to go through with the root canal.  I expressed to the surgeon how I had initially wanted to remove the tooth, but the other dentist was against it.  The surgeon said that removing the tooth was now going to be the best option.

So, he began my injecting medicine into my gums.  He explained that I wouldn't go numb completely, and that he would continue to inject it when the pain was too much.  He continued this process, injecting meds and  pulling the tooth, until the tooth was completely removed.  I was very grateful for the work that the oral surgeon did.  But I couldn't help thinking that I would have never endured all that pain if the other dentist had just removed the tooth like I asked in the first place.   

My mother has since referred me to another dental office.   You can guess that I'm very reluctant to go.  The next dentist I visit must have stellar patient reviews and recommendations.  I do not want another dental nightmare.  But for all those great dentists out there, Happy National Dentist Day!  Thank you for keeping our mouths healthy!

What is your worst dental nightmare story?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Guest Bloggers Wanted

I have been blogging for a little over a year now, and I really enjoy it.  I love sharing my favorite things and a look into my life with my readers.  I enjoy knowing that something I have posted is helpful to someone in some way.

I also enjoy visiting and reading other blogs.  I find new recipe ideas, helpful tips and more.  I'm introduced to new bloggers and new writing styles.  Sometimes, I get busy and don't get to visit other blogs as much as I'd like.

For the months of April, May and June, I will be busy with an online employment project, and my regular math tutoring schedule.  It will be very difficult to have as much free time for browsing other blogs.  So I'm reaching out to my fellow bloggers for guest posts.

During these months, I can feature posts from fellow bloggers.  This will allow me to still be in the know and enjoy the writing of others.  Since my blog is a lifestyle blog, many different topics will be available for guest posts.

  • DIY Projects and Crafts
  • Recipe Ideas (vegan/vegetarian a plus, but not required.  No pork recipes please.)
  • Spiritual and Inspirational posts
  • Family Oriented
  • Math Tips or other Educational posts
  • Fashion posts
  • Lifestyle posts
If you are interested in contributing, please contact me before March 20th at .  Please provide your guest post idea in your email.  Guest posts will be live on the blog on Mondays, Thursdays or Fridays.  You will be contacted when your post will go live.  

What interesting writing would you share?

***Please refrain from using inappropriate images or language.  Please keep all posts kid and family friendly.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Who's Wearing What Wednesdays #18

Welcome to Week 18 of the Who's Wearing What Wednesdays linky party!!  If you're new to the party, welcome.  If not, welcome back!!   Our party is really growing fast.  Be sure to share this party with others, so that we can watch it grow even more!

We had a very nice party last week!!  Thank you all for linking up!!

 You can't go wrong with a shirt dress.  It's something about this shade of green that I love!  This dress is so casual, yet so feminine.  Maria adds strappy, heeled sandals in a neutral tone and a matching belt to complete this outfit.  Hop on over to her blog, The Classified Chic to see more of her style.  

Our most viewed look from last week's link up is...
Moumous from LaMoumous Fashion Blog 
I love the color combination of this outfit and the argyle sweater.  Love that handbag too.
Congrats on being featured.
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Now it's your time to share your style post for the week!!

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*****Fashion bloggers wanted*****
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Feel The Music #43

If you want to hear a song that has a funky beat and a nice groove, this is it.  I love the vocals, the music, the lyrics...all of it!  One thing that makes this song great is the vocal arrangement.  And the background vocals are sweet!

Although there is a song out there very similar to this, it can be imitated but never duplicated.  The singer was the lead singer of Matchbox Twenty.  And this is probably his most popular song.  Rock on with Rob Thomas with this week's song "Lonely No More".  


Monday, March 2, 2015

Math Tip Of The Day: Factoring Trinomials

The dreaded trinomial!!!!

What is a trinomial?  It is a polynomial with 3 terms.  It usually consists of a squared term, a variable term and a constant term.  For example: X2 + 5x - 50.  

Sometimes, you may have to factor a trinomial.  But it doesn't have to be a scary thing.  Factoring trinomials is as easy as a, b, c!  Consider a trinomial in the form of ax2 + bx + c.  The letter 'a' is the coefficient of the squared term.  The letter 'b' is the coefficient of the variable term, and 'c' is the constant term.  

The last few weeks we have used a T-table to find the greatest common factor with numbers and variables.  You can use a similar process to factor trinomials.  We'll start with the example above.  

Set up the T-table by multiplying a and c and adding the product to the top of the table (do not focus on the sign, just the value of the number).  Remember that a and c are the coefficients of the first two terms.  Now find the factors of the product.  In this example you would multiply 1 and 50.  Then you will find the factors of 50.

After listing the factors, determine which pair of factors can add or subtract to give you b.  In this example, b is 5.  The factors that can add or subtract to get 5 are 5 and 10 (notice they are circled in the T-table).  Again, do not focus on the sign right away, just the value of the number.  The value of b is positive, so you must add/subtract to get a positive 5.  A positive 10 minus 5 gives us a positive 5.  So in the T-table, we list 10 as positive and 5 as negative.  This determines what signs will be listed in the parentheses for your final answer.  So, notice that you answer is (x + 10)(x - 5).

When you have a value larger than 1 for a, you factor in the same way.  In this example, multiply 3 and 10 to get 30.  List the factors of 30.  Determine which factors will add or subtract to give you a value of 17.  2 and 15 will add to give you 17.  So in the T-table, you list both 15 and 2 as positive.  You will then list your parentheses with a as the coefficient for x as such: (3x + 15)(3x + 2).  Then you check to see if the values can be simplified.  You can simplify 3 and 15 by 3 (using division).  So your final answer is (x + 5)(3x + 2).

Try a couple on your own.
X2 – 4x - 32
3x2 + 2x – 8

Friday, February 27, 2015

Mandarin Orange 'Chicken'

Being a vegetarian isn't always easy.  There are limited options for meals.  And even more limited if you have to eat out.  Sometimes, I admit, I do cheat and eat some turkey or chicken.  But I try to find new meal ideas and more meat alternatives.

Last week, my older brother bought some Gardein Mandarin Orange Chick'n.  We've tried several of their products before, so I had no reservations at all.  Their chicken substitutes are so much like real chicken, it's amazing.  You can still enjoy the flavor in a healthier way.  

The Mandarin Orange Chick'n was easy to prepare.  And the mandarin sauce was perfect!  Just the right amount of flavor and sweetness.  We served it with brown rice and an edamame vegetable blend.  Quick, delicious and healthy!  I can't wait to try this again.  Check out Gardein's website to see their other products and recipe ideas.

**photos courtesy of Kris Brown
**I was not paid or given any product for my review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Black History is American History

February is Black History Month.  It is a time for us to remember the African Americans who helped pave the way for freedom, that made contributions to health, science and more, and those who suffered and died for the civil liberty.  Some of the people that we remember most are Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, Thurgood Marshall and Emmitt Till.  But there are many African Americans, and non African Americans, that had a role in paving the way for others.  

Did you know that Black History Month was originally "Negro History Week"?  It was later extended to the month of February to coincide with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas (source).  I'm always learning new and interesting facts about African American history.  "Alonzo Pietro, a Black Spaniard explorer, set sail with Christopher Columbus to the “New World."  Quite interesting!  Check out these other interesting facts in celebration of Black History Month.

What interesting Black History facts can you share?
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