Thursday, May 8, 2014

Business Feature: Bakery Lorraine

As the title of my blog post indicates, I am an avid lover of pastries.  All kinds of pastries!!  And one of my favorite places to purchase pastries is at Bakery Lorraine, here in San Antonio, TX.  
I've expressed before how much I love this bakery.  My brothers and I first experienced their baked goods at a local farmer's market a few years ago.  We were immediately spellbound by the creativity and unbelievable taste of their products.  So we became frequent customers of theirs at the market.
Soon the owners, Ann and Jeremy, opened up their own storefront bakery.  And Bakery Lorraine has been even more of a success since.  They are very well known for their macarons.  And I don't mean the American imitations that we find, but authentic French macarons.  And they create the most amazing flavors:  S'mores, Almond Joy and Horchata to name a few.  They also add unique ingredients sometimes such as lavender, Japanese red bean and rosewater.
Honey Almond Tart.  photo courtesy of Kris Brown
I can never go into Bakery Lorraine and just purchase one item (unless I've gotten there late in the day and most items are sold out).  I enjoy their cookies, croissants and muffins.  I still have a stain on one of my t-shirts to remember the wonderful pain au chocolat that they make.  And the pies and tarts at Bakery Lorraine are so beautiful, they should be in an art gallery.  It pains me to destroy their beauty by eating them.  Some of my favorite pies are the Chocolate Coconut and the Cranberry Apple.
Honey Almond Tart.  photo courtesy of Kris Brown
On my recent trip to Bakery Lorraine, I really went crazy.  It had been a while since I'd had the opportunity to visit and everything was calling my name.  The first thing that caught my eye was a tart with one single almond on top.  The Honey Almond Tart is sinfully delicious.  I can only say that eating it made me really happy, like a kid on Christmas morning.  On top of the pie crust is a layer of toasted almonds with honey.  Then a layer of ladyfingers that have been soaked in a honey syrup.  And atop that is a layer of vanilla bean cream.  Then it's top off with what appeared to be a piece of honeycomb with the most flavorful honey I've ever had.  How do they come up with this stuff?  

Honey Almond Tart.  photo courtesy of Kris Brown

While looking at the muffins, I heard something say "Hey, look at me."  It was a lovely confection draped in almonds.  I responded immediately, because I love almonds if you haven't figured that out yet.  They call it a Bostock.  It is a brioche bun that is soaked in orange blossom syrup.  It is then layered with almond cream on top, and covered in sliced almonds and powdered sugar.  OMG!!

We also picked up some macarons.  We tried new flavors:  Cinnamon Toast and Angel Food Cake.  The Cinnamon Toast was reminiscent of spreading butter, cinnamon and sugar on bread and toasting it under the broiler.  Absolutely divine!  And the Angel Food cake was so creamy good.  Sorry no pics of the macarons.  They didn't last for the photo shoot.

I enjoyed my Honey Almond Tart with my new tea from Teavana:  Marshmallow Macaron.  How appropriate!  You can actually see the tiny marshmallows in the tea.  It has a light cookie flavor, and it tastes a little creamy from the marshmallows.  There is also a fruity undertone to it as well.

Talking with Jeremy, he informed us that the bakery was just named one of the Top Ten Bakeries in the U.S by Fodor's travel magazine.  I am not surprised.  Anytime someone starts a conversation about pastries with me or my brothers, we always mention Bakery Lorraine.  We have directed so me people to the bakery because we know that they will enjoy the products as much as we do.  

So whenever you are in the San Antonio area, be sure to visit Bakery Lorraine.  Get their early to have first pick at their wonderful pastries.  And be sure to tell them Tameka sent ya!

Do have a favorite local bakery that you visit often?

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